Narrow Band UVB Light Treatment

Narrow Band UVB (Nb UVB) is the administration of light to treat various skin diseases including Acne, Eczema, Lichen Planus Itch, Mycosis Fungoides, Rosea (pityriasis), Psoriasis, Scleroderma and Vitiligo. Previously, many different wavelengths of light called broad band UVB were given to treat skin diseases; however, it was found that narrow band or limited wavelengths was as effective or more effective, while limiting side effects such as burning, skin damage, and possibly not inducing or increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Additional Information

What is the frequency of treatment?

Patients usually attend 2 to 3 x/week depending on their schedule for the first 30 treatments. After the first 30 treatments, if patients are doing well frequency can be reduced to maintain improvement. Vitiligo patients need more treatments and will usually attend 3 to 6months regularly.

What is the cost?

Free to patients covered by Manitoba Health.

What do I need to bring to have a treatment?

Protective clothing must be worn over areas where you do not want to receive the light. This includes the face and the genital areas. Men will be required to wear a jockstrap, thong or the same type/size of underwear in the light booth. Women will be required to wear thong underwear or the same size /type of underwear every time. Women who do not have disease on their breast should wear a dark cotton bra in the booth. Each dose of light that you receive will be higher than the last and if an area of your skin that was not previously exposed to the light gets exposed to the higher dose of light without time to adjust, you will get a burn. If you want to protect your face and neck bring a towel, dark pillow case or paper bag to cover these areas. This is to protect your face and neck from the light. Again it is important to wear the bag in the same manner as the previous treatment to prevent burning.

  • Eye goggles
  • Flip flops
  • Vaseline, mineral oil or moisturizer if you chose to apply before every treatment
  • Sunscreen - to apply post treatment
  • Towel, pillow case, paper bag
  • Men - jockstrap or briefs
  • Women - thong or underwear, dark cotton bra

What happens with each treatment?

The technician will review the treatment steps you must follow with you. If this is not your first visit, the technician will also ask how the treatment progressed and whether there was any sunburn with the last treatment. You must tell the technician if you use any oral medications, vitamins, supplements or minerals as they may make you more sensitive to the light.

When you and the technician are ready to begin, the technician will set the treatment dosage and leave the room. At that time, you will:

  • undress exactly the same areas every treatment
  • put on a moisturizer if you do this every time
  • step into the UVB booth and shut the doors
  • put on your safety goggles
  • press a button to start the treatment.
  • Leave the booth when the treatment is over. The machine will let you know when the treatment is over and the light will shut off. The treatment will last seconds to minutes and increase gradually as you have treatments.
  • Apply sunscreen to any exposed areas and get dressed.

Are there any treatment risks?

Most treatments are tolerated really well and patients do not experience adverse effects. Narrow Band is much safer than previous broad band UVB and PUVA treatments - that is why we only offer Narrow Band UVB treatments at Victoria Park Medispa (The Derm Centre). We want your skin to improve safely.

Sunburn may occur in exposed areas of skin not treated previously. Although rare, addition side effects may include skin damage, freckles, wrinkles; and if protective goggles are removed and patients look into the lights, severe eye damage including blindness may occur. Patients should follow up while on the light treatment, self-check for skin cancer regularly, and have skin checked with their physicals after finishing the therapy to check for skin cancers for life. It is important for every patient to be proactive in their health.

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