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Experienced, trusted knowledge, integrity and a caring attitude

If you want to be trusted, just be honest. That's what we live by at Victoria Park Medispa (The Derm Centre). We'd rather be honest than flashy.

We want to leave natural, understated elegance. We believe that True beauty comes from within. It is from an overall health of body, mind and spirit which gives us the satisfaction and confidence of feeling our best.

Scientific studies prove that how we look on the outside has a profound impact on our overall well-being and inner health. We feel better inside when we see ourselves looking our best, happy, youthful, healthy and rested.

We want to help you with your natural, understated elegance by understanding your concerns and analyzing your whole face and neck area to give you the best options available for your needs. We will give you a treatment plan which addresses short term, medium term and long term goals that will keep you looking the best for your age. We will discuss your specific issues but also do a global assessment to comprehensively improve your weaknesses. This global approach gives you the best success for achieving natural elegant aging so you look refreshed and youthful but still you - just the best version.

We bring world class treatments that have science to back up results. We have experienced, knowledgeable staff with integrity and compassion to deliver the best treatments available for natural results.

We were born to be real, not to be perfect. Natural, trusted experience - Victoria Park Medispa (The Derm Centre)

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Winnipeg, Manitoba
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