Non Surgical Eye Lift

August 25, 2015

Are your eyes drooping, sagging or looking tired? Is there help without surgery? Yes! Not many of us look to our eyebrows as part of the problem, the following is why the eyebrows can effect our aging and how we can help without surgery. Age-related changes that impact the brow and upper eyelid include skin laxity, volume loss, and bone resorption, all of which lead to deflation and a combination of apparent descent of the upper eyelid and brow and is some cases true descent. The aging process of the brow and eyelid is a complex and dynamic process. The signs of aging range from tissue deflation and significant volume loss that requires volume replacement, to tissue deflation and soft tissue ptosis, which use to always require surgical excision and lifting. An attractive and youthful looking upper brow and eyelid includes an eyebrow of appropriate height and shape, eyebrow tissue that is firm, taught and full, a smooth upper eyelid and eyebrow-lid junction and a smooth ogee curve transitioning from the forehead down to the infra-brow region. How do we achieve that without surgery? The eyebrow can descend in many places, creating optimal results often requires filling the entire length of the eyebrow with hyaluronic acid or "fillers". Doing so improves the eyebrow's vertical position while also creating forward projection that recruits lax skin. This look can last up to 15 months which can help patients put off surgery for a few years. Using Botox in the brow can relax the downward pull of the muscle, therefore raising the brow to give it a lift. Christie-Brinkley-Plastic-Surgery-Before-and-After-Photos-Face-Lift-Eyelid-Surgery-and-Fillers Where can you get this great combination of treatments done? Call The Derm Centre to schedule your appointment now!


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