Top 10 Reasons to Exfoliate

January 15, 2014

exfoliateExfoliation is the best therapeutic skincare treatment you can do for healthier, more radiant and younger looking skin. Watch as our favourite youtube Dermatologist explains in this video the importance of exfoliation. Then pick up your glycolic acid creams and masques at Derm Centre and start properly exfoliating at home. And the number #1 reason to exfoliate? You can also come into the Derm Centre for a cosmetic peel or microderm abrasion procedure to dramatically exfoliate your skin in one treatment. Then continue on with you home care glycolic creams and masques to prolong the effects. [Partial Transcript] Are you ready? Here are the top 10 Reasons to Exfoliate Your Skin! #1 - Your skin looks dull and tired. It's lost it's glow or luster. #2 - Your skin doesn't look smooth. #3 - Your skin doesn't have even color. #4 - Your 6 year old asks, "Mommy, what are those spots on your face?" #5 - Your face makeup doesn't go on evenly #6 - Your face makeup makes your skin look more dull instead of more smooth #7 - You've had a precancer and want to try to prevent getting more #8 - You can see your enlarged pores without a magnifying mirror #9 - Your enlarged pores have dark centers or "dots" in them, and so they look dirty or like blackheads and #10... You have more pimples or blemishes than your 14 year old. Yup. Exfoliation treats all of the conditions I just mentioned, and even more! So, if you want more beautiful, younger and healthier looking skin, then the single most important treatment you can do for your skin is exfoliate regularly... especially with a gentle buffered and pH balanced glycolic product, the gold standard of exfoliation. And my patients know, and you will too, that exfoliation has succeeded when they no longer need to wear foundation.


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