Do you get your medical advice from the right doctor?

January 19, 2015

Study: Physician TV Personality Delivering Medical Advice Lacking Scientific Basis. The Los Angeles Times (12/20, Kaplan) "Science Now" blog asked, "What do real-world doctors have to say about the advice dispensed on 'The Dr. Oz Show?'" According to a research published in the British Medical Journal, "less than one-third of it can be backed up by even modest medical evidence." The Hill (12/19, Ferris) reported that Mehmet Oz, MD, the television "personality who describes himself as 'America's doctor' has been widely delivering medical advice with zero scientific basis." After investigating 80 claims made on the show in addition to 80 recommendations made on a British medical TV program, researchers found that approximately "half of recommendations from" Dr. Oz "have 'no evidence' or are flat-out contradictory to medical research." TIME (12/20, Park) reported that the experts who conducted this study "aren't the first to cast doubt on the quality of advice given on the" show. This past "June, a Senate subcommittee heard testimony from Oz on false advertising of weight loss claims and Sen. Claire McCaskill [D-MO] queried the doctor about the statements he made on the show." The Oregonian (12/19, Terry) and the New York Post (12/20, O'Neill) also covered the story.


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