The Best Cosmetic Treatments To Get During The Summer

May 23, 2019

The winter months are perfect for hibernation, but once the warm weather hits, our social calendars start picking up again. Summer is the peak season for social engagements like weekend BBQ's and weddings. While there are a number of cosmetic procedures that are not recommended during the summer time (mostly because they can cause sensitivity to sun exposure), there are treatments we highly recommend to put your best foot forward.
Body Sculpting
Body sculpting, also known as body contouring and body shaping, is a treatment that removes fat deposits under the skin. There are many types of treatments that fall under the body sculpting umbrella, but some are more invasive than others. For instance, liposuction is a surgical procedure that permanently removes fat cells and has a longer downtime. Because of its invasive nature, liposuction often requires patients to wear a compression bandage for several weeks to aid the healing process. Fortunately, there are other body sculpting alternatives that will allow you to bounce back quicker and squeeze in more beach time.
Dermal Fillers
Unlike a lot of other facial treatments, like chemical peels, injectables do not have negative interactions with the harsh summer sun, making it a perfect treatment for summertime. Injectable dermal fillers are soft tissue fillers that restore volume and smooth out fine lines. They work quickly to reduce signs of aging and have minimal downtime, and last anywhere from six months to two years. Which means you can get back to your summertime activities in no time.
Similar to dermal fillers, BOTOX® is another non-invasive way to smooth out unwanted facial lines and wrinkles. BOTOX® is a brand name for the generic drug botulinum toxin, which works by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles.
In addition to reducing signs of aging, it can also slim out the face, making it the perfect alternative to more invasive facial slimming procedures. BOTOX® gets injected into the muscle responsible for chewing, called the masseter muscle. It relaxes that muscle, rounding out the jawline and slimming down the cheeks. Dr. Karcher recommends BOTOX® in the crows feet to help keep from squinting or in the frown lines keep from looking upset. It can also be used in the armpits to help curb excess sweating. There is no downtime with BOTOX®, and sun exposure does not affect it. "There's no special skin care needed after BOTOX®," Dr. Karcher says. "You can continue whatever skin care process works for you."


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