The Best Skin Treatments For Dark Complexions

May 16, 2019

The Best Skin Treatments For Dark Complexions?

Skin treatments are not one size fits all. We spoke to Dr. Jason Emer about successful treatments for people with darker complexions and why our skin tone affects the outcome of certain procedures. Face Peel Micro Needling Skin Care targeting Melasma Salt Facial YAG Laser

Regardless of the procedure, to achieve the best results you'll need to combine your treatment with Vitamin C and glycolic creams to reduce inflammation in the skin and promote exfoliation, further reducing any risk of pigmentation.
While there was a time where cosmetic procedures weren't designed for darker skin types, we've thankfully reached a point where cosmetic treatments are accessible to all. So if you've ever doubted whether your darker complexion was the right type for a certain procedure, you can feel rest assured that it is now your skin's time to shine. Just make sure to always consult with your practitioner first.


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