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May 9, 2019


Longer eyelashes aren't just symbolic of youth and beauty. Lush lashes also serve to protect the sensitive surfaces of the eyes from dust and debris. Years ago, people who desired longer, fuller lashes mainly relied upon false lashes to fulfill their needs. These days, more permanent makeup options exist, including long lasting eyelash enhancement tattoos. Additionally, there are eye creams containing bimatoprost, a solution that was originally designed to treat certain medical conditions related to the eye but was also discovered as a way to extend the eyelash growth phase as well.


Latisse works via an active ingredient called bimatoprost, which is thought to lengthen the active growth phase of the eyelashes, although it isn't clear how Latisse exactly performs. Lumigan is the name of the bimatoprost ophthalmic solution that was originally used as an eyedrop treatment for glaucoma patients to lessen eye pressure.
Patients who used the solution for its medical uses also saw an improvement in their eyelashes, which led to the re-branding strategy for eyelashes. After the FDA approved the use of Latisse in December 2008, to help thin and short eyelashes appear darker, longer, and fuller, Allergan brought Latisse to the public as a lash enhancer.
How to Use Latisse Latisse can be applied to the clean lash line of the upper eyelashes after users put one drop of the solution onto a sterile applicator. Contact lenses and cosmetics should be removed before the application of Latisse. Any skin care products such as moisturizers that are part of your evening ritual should be applied prior to using Latisse.
The ointment should then be drawn across the upper lash line, from the corner closest to the bridge of the nose outward. Latisse users should be careful not to drip the solution in other areas of the eye, face, chin, or even the lower lid, in order to prevent hair growth in undesirable areas. A new applicator should be used for each eye, and after using any tools once, they should be discarded.
Left on overnight, Latisse works as the wearer sleeps, allowing the individual to wash the face and apply eye makeup as usual the next morning. Upon applying Latisse the following evening, a sterile applicator should be used to prevent the spread of bacteria.
How Often to Apply Latisse to the Eyelashes When first using the eyelash enhancer, Latisse should be applied every evening for 12 to 16 weeks. After that point, users can switch to applying Latisse three or four times per week in order to maintain their thicker and longer lashes going forward. Although certain consumers tout the off-label use of Latisse in order to enhance their eyebrows, the FDA has not approved Latisse for such use.
Ideal Candidates for Latisse Latisse is recommended for use by anyone with sparse and stubby eyelashes who wants fuller and longer lashes. The enhanced look of long eyelashes and eyelash growth should last for as long as the patient uses the product. Upon ceasing use of Latisse, the thicker lashes may eventually revert to their previous state. Anyone who already uses Lumigan or other products containing a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution or products designed to have an effect upon elevated intraocular pressure should first speak with their doctor prior to using Latisse.
Latisse Side Effects Side effects like itching and redness are the most commonly reported by Latisse users. Eye dryness, irritation and skin darkening have been reported. Latisse should be used only on the upper eyelid region at the base of the eyelashes to prevent unwanted hair growth in unintended areas. People with light-colored irises should be aware of the risk of Latisse darkening their eye color.

The Cost of Latisse The cost of Latisse can be priced as low as $120 for a 30-day supply found in a 3mL bottle, which is accompanied by approximately 60 applicators. The cost of Latisse rises to $200 for a 5mL bottle, with 140 applicators. The Brilliant Distinctions®program by Allergan®, who owns Latisse and Botox, can provide discounts on the products via a reward program. Customers can gain $10 for each set of 100 points that are accrued via the program.

Maintenance After the 12 to 16 week initial period of using Latisse each night has elapsed, patients must continue to use the product several evenings per week in order to maintain their results.



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