Facelifts vs Injectable Dermal Fillers: Which One is Right for Me?

April 25, 2019

If you are looking to rejuvenate your appearance and fight the effects of gravity, you may have been contemplating a facelift and/or dermal fillers. Facelifts are performed by a board certified plastic surgeon and are good options for those looking to correct sagging skin. On the other hand, dermal filler restores lost volume and can be performed by a dermatologist or even a certified nurse injector. It is important to review the differences between the two to understand which option, if either, is best for you.
What is a facelift?
Who is an ideal facelift candidate?
What is a dermal filler?
Who is an ideal dermal filler candidate?
Conclusion and comparison of facelift vs dermal filler
With a facelift's invasive surgical techniques and drastic changes, it is ideal for people who can allow time for recovery, are in good health, and are looking for the most dramatic change. Unlike dermal filler which is temporary, facelifts are not reversible. A facelift's effects can wear over the years from gravity and the natural aging process, but its effects last significantly longer than dermal filler's promised six months to two years of results. In contrast, dermal fillers are better options for those looking for quick, non-invasive, and smaller touch-ups.



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