Yes, Facials Do Work, But Not If You Want A Quick Fix

October 23, 2018

Facials have been around for centuries. Ancient Egyptians were serious about skincare, applying honey and oils to preserve youthful skin, while Ayurveda masks were used in ancient east Indian practices to detoxify and enhance skin tone. But despite its long-storied history, not everyone believes in the power of having someone strategically clean your pores.

Are these pricey treatments worth the money?

"The underlying issue is that the word 'facial' could mean so many different things," Carroll explained to HuffPost Canada. "There are some facials that do use medical grade products that may contain glycolic acid, which in certain percentages would be helpful, or [may contain] a lot of hydrating and moisturizing ingredients, so it really depends on what the products and techniques being used are."

Facials aren't the answer for those who want immediate results

Those who have more complicated skin issues shouldn't rely on facials, she advised, and should instead visit a dermatologist with access to medical estheticians. Treatments that show immediate or dramatic results usually penetrate the skin and are often only done at medical spas or with an esthetician who has a high level of training.


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