How to reverse common signs of sun damage

July 31, 2018

We may be midway into summer, but some of us may already start to notice signs of sun damage from years before. Sun damage includes everything from brown spots, to enlarged pores, to broken blood vessels, to fine lines and wrinkles, said certified dermatologist Dr Julia Carroll of Compass Dermatology in Toronto. And if you're not applying sunscreen, you're more at risk to develop some of these common skin conditions, she adds. People also ignore sun damage for years which makes it harder to reverse. With skin cancer being quite common, it's important to protect yourself.

Treatment options

Hydroquinone is an ingredient to look out for and this one acts like a fading agent. Lotions, serums or moisturizers with vitamin C can also decrease the signs of pigmentation. In the medical realm, there are a number of ways to treat sun-damaged skin. Chemical peels are popular. Laser treatments are also quite common and a dermatologist will be able to go through the best types that fit your skin's needs. But sun damage can be prevented if we properly protect our skin from the sun, Carroll adds. She recommends using a cream-based sunscreen in the morning and making sure you apply it all the way to your hairline and around the ears. "People don't put sunscreen far enough or they sweat it off and don't re-apply." she said. "If you put it in the morning, drive to work, sit in an office all day, you're fine. But if you go outdoors or have lunch on a patio, you should reapply."


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