5 Skin Issues You Can Solve Before Summer

January 18, 2018

With summer just around the corner, it's time to embrace flirty skirts, shorts and bathing suits. But is your skin ready? Here are 5 skin problems and how you can fix them in time for that trip to the beach. Keratosis pilaris Annoying - but harmless - tiny white or red bumps that can appear on your arms. Stretch marks, or scars If you've lost or gained weight quickly, experienced rapid growth, or had a baby, you might have stretch marks. Decolletage, and neck discolouration Tank tops, and bathing suits put your decolletage, and sides of your neck under the spotlight during summer, but years of sun damage could leave your skin with a discoloured brown or reddish hue that can age your appearance. Spider veins in the legs Thin red and blue veins close to the skin's surface are a problem for many women. While they don't cause any discomfort, they can be unsightly. Back acne This hard to reach area is prime real estate for acne. Sweaty gym sessions, and clothing that rubs against the skin can leave your upper back prone to this frustrating condition. http://www.besthealthmag.ca/best-looks/skin/5-skin-issues-you-can-solve-before-summer/view-all


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