7 Most Common Places Psoriasis Can Show Up

November 7, 2017

While the autoimmune disease can surface anywhere on your body, these are the most likely spots. You may think of psoriasis as being pretty straightforward-you'd know it when you saw it, right? But psoriasis doesn't always present the same way or show up in the same places. People who suffer from psoriasis can have flare-ups that cause the characteristic red, itchy, scaly skin patches to show up on their skin. And it can show up wherever you have skin. For the record, psoriasis isn't contagious-it's caused by a combination of genetics and environmental triggers like stress, sunburn, allergies, diet, certain medications (including lithium and the heart medication quinidine), and even the weather, per the National Psoriasis Foundation. https://www.self.com/story/places-psoriasis-can-show-up


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